Photon .NET Client API

Photon Turnbased is a special set of features for games that are played for days and weeks rather than minutes. The state of rooms can be persisted, so that a game can be continued by players at any time and even asynchronously.

Turnbased games are built just like realtime games with Photon. The difference is that you can now load and continue them later on.

Quick Start and Manuals

Documentation, manuals and samples are online on our developer pages:

Key Classes

Most games can use or extend the LoadBalancingClient class.

Your game will have to implement the IPhotonPeerListener interface to get callbacks for Operation results (OnOperationResponse), events (OnEvent) and status changes (OnStatusChanged).

Keeping the Gamestate on the Feature Overview page explains what data gets stored when a room gets stored.

Additional Documentation

Read the readme_chat.txt file at least once.
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