Photon Server API
Photon.SocketServer.Rpc.Reflection Namespace Reference


class  DynamicMethodCreator
 Provides methods to create delegates for fast dynamic access to properties and fields of a specified target class.
class  ObjectDataMemberMapper
 Provides methods to get and set objects fields and properties per reflection. More...
class  ObjectMemberInfo
 This class contains reflection data about a property or a field. More...
class  ObjectMemberInfoCache
 A cache for ObjectMemberInfo instances.
class  OperationAttribute
 This attribute is used to mark methods to be reflected by the OperationDispatcher. More...
class  OperationDispatcher
 This class contains functions to dispatch operations. The target function depends on the incoming operation code. All registered methods require the OperationAttribute and the signature public OperationResponse MyMethod(PeerBase peer, OperationRequest request, SendParameters sendParameters);. More...
class  OperationMethodInfoCache
 This cache enables high performance mapping of operation codes to operations. It collaborates with the OperationDispatcher. Instances of this class should be reused if possible since the method registration is slower than the mapping. Registered methods must have the followig structure: More...