Photon Bolt Engine API  1.2.7
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CCommandBase class that all commands inherit from
 CDefaultEventFilterDefault implementation of Bolt.IEventFilter that lets everything through
 CDefaultPrefabPoolDeault implementation of Bolt.IPrefabPool which uses GameObject.Instantiate and GameObject.Destroy
 CEntityBehaviourBase class for unity behaviours that want to access Bolt methods
 CEventBase class that all events inherit from
 CGlobalEventListenerBase class for all BoltCallbacks objects
 CIEntityBehaviourInterface for unity behaviours that want to access Bolt methods
 CIEventFilterInterface that can be implemented to create custom event filtering rules
 CIEventListenerInterface that can be implemented on Bolt.GlobalEventListener, Bolt.EntityEventListener and Bolt.EntityEventListener<T> to modify its invoke condition settings
 CIPriorityCalculatorInterface which can be implemented on a behaviour attached to an entity which lets you provide custom priority calculations for state and events
 CIStateBase interface for all states
 CBoltConfigBolt configuration settings object
 CBoltConnectionThe connection to a remote endpoint
 CBoltConsoleThe in-game console window
 CBoltEntityA game entity within the bolt simulation
 CBoltEntitySettingsModifierModifier for bolt entity settings before it's attached
 CBoltExceptionBase class for all bolt specific exceptions
 CBoltExecutionOrderAttributeSets the Unity script execution order
 CBoltGlobalBehaviourAttributeSets the network mode and scenes that a Bolt.GlobalEventListener should be run on
 CBoltHitboxDefines one hitbox on a BoltHitboxBody
 CBoltHitboxBodyDefines a body of hitboxes to be tracked
 CBoltLauncherBolt launcher
 CBoltLogProvides logging capabilities to a variety of outputs
 CConsoleWriterIWriter implementation that outputs to the Bolt console
 CFileIWriter implementation that outputs to a file
 CIWriterThe interface providing log writing capabilities to an output
 CSystemOutWriterIWriter implementation that outputs to the system console out
 CUnityWriterIWriter implementation that outputs to Unity console
 CBoltNetworkHolds global methods and properties for starting and stopping bolt, instantiating prefabs and other utils
 CBoltPhysicsHitDescribes a hit to a BoltHitbox on a BoltHitboxBody
 CBoltPhysicsHitsContainer for a group of BoltPhysicsHits
 CBoltRuntimeSettingsThe runtime settings and confugration for the current bolt simulation
 CBoltSingletonPrefabBase class for monobehaviours that can be accessed as a singleton. The singleton is instantiated from the resources folder and should have the same name as the class type