Photon Lua (Corona) Client API


chat.Channel Represents chat channel.
chat.ChatClient Implements Photon Chat API workflow.
chat.Message Encapsulates chat message data.
chat.constants Photon Chat constants.
common.Logger Logger with ability to control logging level.
core.EventData Photon event data
core.OperationResponse Operation response data
core.PhotonPeer Instances of the PhotonPeer class are used to connect to a Photon server and communicate with it.
loadbalancing.Actor Summarizes a "player" within a room, identified (in that room) by ID (or "actorNr").
loadbalancing.LoadBalancingClient Implements the Photon LoadBalancing workflow.
loadbalancing.Room Represents a room client joins or is joined to.
loadbalancing.RoomInfo Used for Room listings of the lobby (not yet joining).
loadbalancing.constants Photon LoadBalancing constants.
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