Photon Server API
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 CBaseTypeRequiredAttributeWhen applied to a target attribute, specifies a requirement for any type marked with the target attribute to implement or inherit specific type or types.
 CCannotApplyEqualityOperatorAttributeIndicates that the value of the marked type (or its derivatives) cannot be compared using '==' or '!=' operators and Equals() should be used instead. However, using '==' or '!=' for comparison with null is always permitted.
 CFramesPerSecondThe fps.
 CInstantHandleAttributeTells code analysis engine if the parameter is completely handled when the invoked method is on stack. If the parameter is a delegate, indicates that delegate is executed while the method is executed. If the parameter is an enumerable, indicates that it is enumerated while the method is executed
 CMeansImplicitUseAttributeShould be used on attributes and causes ReSharper to not mark symbols marked with such attributes as unused (as well as by other usage inspections)
 COnStartDeleteThis component will destroy the GameObject it is attached to (in Start()).
 CPublicAPIAttributeThis attribute is intended to mark publicly available API which should not be removed and so is treated as used
 CPureAttributeIndicates that a method does not make any observable state changes. The same as System.Diagnostics.Contracts.PureAttribute
 CRunBehaviourThe run behaviour.
 CUsedImplicitlyAttributeIndicates that the marked symbol is used implicitly (e.g. via reflection, in external library), so this symbol will not be marked as unused (as well as by other usage inspections)