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TrueSync.Physics2DWorldManager Class Reference

Manages the 2D physics simulation. More...

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Public Member Functions

void Init ()
void UpdateStep ()
 Goes one step further on the physics simulation.
IWorld GetWorld ()
void AddBody (ICollider iCollider)
void RemoveBody (IBody iBody)
void OnRemoveBody (Action< IBody > OnRemoveBody)
GameObject GetGameObject (IBody body)
bool Raycast (TSVector rayOrigin, TSVector rayDirection, RaycastCallback raycast, out IBody body, out TSVector normal, out FP fraction)
TSRaycastHit Raycast (TSRay ray, FP maxDistance, RaycastCallback callback=null)
bool IsCollisionEnabled (IBody rigidBody1, IBody rigidBody2)
IWorldClone GetWorldClone ()

Static Public Attributes

static Physics2DWorldManager instance
 Public access to a manager instance.


TSVector Gravity [get, set]
 Property access to simulated gravity.
bool SpeculativeContacts [get, set]
 Property access to speculative contacts.
FP LockedTimeStep [get, set]

Detailed Description

Manages the 2D physics simulation.

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