Photon Voice  v2.5
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 CAudioUtilCollection of Audio Utility functions and classes.
 CBufferReaderPushAdapterSimple BufferReaderPushAdapterBase implementation using a single buffer, using synchronous LocalVoice.PushData
 CBufferReaderPushAdapterAsyncPoolBufferReaderPushAdapter implementation using asynchronous LocalVoice.PushDataAsync.
 CBufferReaderPushAdapterAsyncPoolCopyBufferReaderPushAdapter implementation using asynchronous LocalVoice.PushDataAsync and data copy.
 CBufferReaderPushAdapterAsyncPoolFloatToShortBufferReaderPushAdapter implementation using asynchronous LocalVoice.PushDataAsync, converting float samples to short.
 CBufferReaderPushAdapterBaseAdapter base class to move data by reading from IDataReader.Read and pushing to LocalVoice.
 CFactoryPrimitiveArrayPoolPrimitiveArrayPool<T> as wrapped in object factory interface.
 CFactoryReusableArrayArray factory returnig the same array instance as long as it requested with the same array length. If length changes, new array instance created.
 CFramerUtility class to re-frame audio packets.
 CIAudioDescAudio Source interface.
 CIAudioPusherAudio Pusher interface.
 CIAudioReaderAudio Reader interface.
 CIDataReaderInterface for pulling data, in case this is more appropriate than pushing it.
 CIDecoderGeneric media decoder interface.
 CIDecoderDirectInterface for a media decoder that synchronously decodes data.
 CIDecoderQueuedInterface for a media decoder that feeds its data output into a separate method or callback asynchronously, or does not produce output at all.
 CIEncoderGeneric media encoder interface.
 CIEncoderDataFlowInterface for a generic media encoder data flow.
 CIEncoderDataFlowDirectInterface for an encoder data flow that synchronously encodes data.
 CIEncoderQueuedInterface for an encoder data flow that returns compressed data independently (produces output on its own) or asynchronously (usually from a queue).
 CILocalVoiceAudioInterface for an outgoing audio stream.
 CIProcessorAudio Processor interface.
 CIServiceableInterface for classes that want their Service() function to be called regularly in the context of a LocalVoice.
 CLoadBalancingTransportExtends LoadBalancingClient with audio streaming functionality.
 CLocalVoiceRepresents outgoing data stream.
 CLocalVoiceAudioOutgoing audio stream.
 CLocalVoiceAudioDummyDummy LocalVoiceAudio
 CLocalVoiceAudioFloatSpecialization of LocalVoiceAudio for float audio
 CLocalVoiceAudioShortSpecialization of LocalVoiceAudio for short audio
 CLocalVoiceFramedTyped re-framing LocalVoice
 CLocalVoiceFramedBaseTyped re-framing LocalVoice
 CObjectFactoryUniform interface to ObjectPool<TType, TInfo> and single reusable object.
 CObjectPoolGeneric Pool to re-use objects of a certain type (TType) that optionally match a certain property or set of properties (TInfo).
 CPrimitiveArrayPoolPool of Arrays with components of type T, with ObjectPool info being the array's size.
 CRemoteVoiceInfoInformation about a remote voice (incoming stream).
 CRemoteVoiceOptionsEvent Actions and other options for a remote voice (incoming stream).
 CUnsupportedCodecExceptionException thrown if an unsupported codec is encountered.
 CUnsupportedSampleTypeExceptionException thrown if an unsupported audio sample type is encountered.
 CVoiceClientBase class for Voice clients implamantations
 CVoiceEventCodePhotonVoice communication uses a single type of event, but differentiates transmission Channels by encoding a channelId into VoiceEventCode.
 CVoiceInfoDescribes stream properties.